Building the Gemsbok PC



The video above is a walkthrough of building my desktop PC in October of 2016. Unlike all other pages on this site, this resource is available as a video only. But for some added value I’ve got more thorough lists of parts and sites below than are available in the video’s description box.

I mistakenly say that the RAM is DDR4-2133 when it is in fact DDR4-2400; there are a few audio glitches from the upload process; and I neglect to mention a couple of installed peripherals like my webcam and speakers. But otherwise the video gives a pretty clear picture of the PC build process.

The Gemsbok PC Build Parts List:




The Gemsbok Office PC Desk - The Gemsbok PC build - parts list - pc hardware sites

One Other PC Build List:

PC Hardware Sites Featured in Conclusion of Video


As I said in the video, I hope that all of this information can serve as an additional resource for PC builders on the web, especially if you’re looking for info about any of the parts that I used in my build.

While I did all of the researching and most of the purchasing for this project, several of the PC components and a couple of the peripherals were given to me as gifts from family members. So I would like to close by once again expressing my deep gratitude for the generosity of those gifts.

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