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Contact Daniel via Direct Message:

If you would like get in touch directly, you can send a DM to The Gemsbok on Facebook or @The_Gemsbok on Twitter. They aren’t checked every day, but you will eventually get some kind of response if you send an earnest message to either of those locations.

Respond to an Article or Video:

You may be wondering why there are no comment fields under the articles on this site. For the first four years of The Gemsbok’s existence, every article had an associated comment thread. But as of 2019, the comment service that was being used on the site had become heavily degraded by an inundation of bot-created spam messages. The service was therefore disabled, in what was intended at the time to be a temporary action pending replacement by a better service. But after disabling it, the disappearance of moderation work proved to be a substantial benefit, so the comment fields will not be reinstated. At any rate, even when the comment fields were available, the vast majority of motivated users demonstrated a strong preference for discussing Gemsbok articles on social media and forum sites elsewhere on the web rather than on The Gemsbok site itself (choosing instead to begin discussions of the articles on sites like Reddit, Tumblr, and Facebook).

Comment fields are still available, however, on The Gemsbok YouTube channel. And if you would prefer to send a response about an article directly to Daniel, then you are encouraged to use the methods described in the previous section above.

Get Updates on New Articles or Videos:

The best ways to stay updated about new content would be to subscribe to The Gemsbok YouTube channel, like The Gemsbok Facebook Page, follow @The_Gemsbok on Twitter, follow on Mastodon, follow on Bluesky, and/or subscribe to the blog via email to get messages when new articles go up (which can be done in the box at the bottom of the sidebar, to the right).

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