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Perhaps you will agree with me, and perhaps you will not, but I have always considered video games to be a burgeoning art form, with all of the excitement, novelty, and clumsiness which film possessed just a century ago.

Sega Genesis (Evan Amos) - Your Mid-week Mission - video game review, video game analysis

Photo by Evan Amos

In fact, I am almost positive that hundreds (if not thousands) of early games from forty and fifty years ago, which have fallen out of the public’s attention or which are presently being forgotten, will have their loss mourned by future scholars in much the same way that there is lament today among film scholars for the countless early movies now lost, potentially forever. All that said, my own interest in games is recreational (and competitive), and although I grew up on amazing consoles like the Sega Genesis, Gameboy Advance, Playstation 1, and Playstation 2, these days I do most of my gaming on my PC.

In this series, I will provide video game reviews and analyses, varying broadly among eras, genres, and platforms, in addition to running the gamut from independent games produced by individuals to AAA games produced by gigantic teams. Yet, as much as I intend to reflect about being privileged to be alive at the dawn of this new art and entertainment, I intend to spend much more time simply enjoying some amazing games, and I hope you will join me.


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