Building the Springbok PC



The video above is a walkthrough of building my secondary away-office PC in September of 2019, which is a small form factor (micro ATX) machine. Unlike all other pages on this site, this resource is available as a video only. But for some added value I’ve got supplemental lists of parts and sites below.

I omit mentioning (or at least omit going into detail on) a few things, like the fact that the second case fan was repurposed from the 100R in the Gemsbok PC, why I chose my motherboard, and how I installed the CPU cooler—but otherwise the video gives a pretty clear picture of the PC build process.

The Springbok PC Build Parts List:

Sprinbok PC build partsComponents




One Other PC Build List:

Sprinbok PC build interiorPC Hardware Sites Featured in Conclusion of Video


As with my previous build video, I hope that all of this information about the Springbok PC can serve as an additional resource for PC builders on the web, especially if you’re looking for info about any of the parts that I used in my build.

And fans of The Gemsbok who go ahead and watch the above video all the way through to the end (or at least skip to around the 9-minute mark) will find some bonus content included at that point just for them!

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